Sunday, May 3, 2009

Changing Format of Blog

As you can probably guess I am not all that computer savvy- I am new to the idea of creating a blog. My husband had to help me with the zebra background on here. Over the next couple weeks I am hoping to reformat this site so I have tabs and it will be easier to find the information you are looking for more quickly. I will also add several more resources I have learned about from some of the Yahoo! groups I subscribe to. Thanks, everyone who have emailed me about their favorite places to shop and eat out. (Keep em' comin!) I am so excited to add them and really happy that there are more and more places out there for people with multiple food sensitivities. I am hoping to add some links for friends of the autism community (meaning companies that care and support us locally) and I will put links to where we do our therapies and activities. I also hope to make a link to some online resources just in case there are things you can't find locally or wish to order in bulk.

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