Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running list of favorites

This is a start of a running list for people who ask me about ready-made foods. Please, do not be thinking that all we eat here are processed foods. Um, no way! Hubby and I do a lot of cooking. (He does most of the meats and I do the baking, salads, other stuff). But, this is a question I get asked a lot and I understand not everyone has the time to make each meal from scratch so I have put this up with my personal disclaimer that fresh is best :-)
I will add to this list as I think of the things we use or have used and like at our house.
Some of these things have the 2 monkey (boy) approval but I have not tried them for myself.
You should always check the labels to be sure the items are free of your allergens. Manufacturer's do change ingredients from time to time.

Frozen foods: GFCFSFEF
Applegate farms gluten free Chicken Nuggets
Ian's Chicken nuggets
Ian's Alpha tots
Ian's French toast sticks
Cascadia Farms French Fries
Cascadia Farms hash browns
Amy's Macaroni and Cheese (GF, soy free made with Daiya Cheese also VEGAN)

Bread (GFCFSF):
Udi's whole grain
Udi's bagels
Udi's whole grain hamburger bun
(okay, we love Udi's at our house)
Rudi's cinnamon raisin bread

GF, some CF and more- read labels
Gluten Free Cafe Meals- Chicken and Rice Pilaf

GFCFSF, not Egg Free
Udi's bread, muffins, bagels, and pizza crust
Kinnikinnik's doughnuts
Kinnikinnik's cinnamon rolls

Non-Frozen packaged meals GFCFSF
Namaste Foods Say Cheeze
Namaste Foods Taco Shells

Andean Dream Quinoa Pasta (This brand is my fav since it has a fair amount of protein in it!)
Tinkyada Rice Pasta (my fave is the spinach one)

Gluten Freeda Instant Oatmeal

Eco Planet Instant Hot Cereal
Edward & Son's Chreesy Mashed Potatoes (and the regular ones too)

Soups/Soup Stock:
Pacific vegetable, chicken, and beef stocks
Pacific tomato soup (and other flavors too- check labels- not all are dairy free and some may not be GF)

Cookies :-) GFCFSFEF
Outback Animals (chocolate and vanilla flavors)
Sun Flour Baking Co. vanilla, peanut butter, and lemon shortbread cookies (These are 3 different flavors)

Ice Cream
Turtle Mountain's So Delicious coconut milk ice cream (read labels- select flavors GFCFSF, ect.)
- they also make a line of "ice cream" bars that are really good. They have fruit ones that are soy free. They also have a yummy bar covered with chocolate- similar to a dove bar but GFCF. This one is not soy free.
Larry and Luna's Coconut Bliss (read labels)
* We stay away from Rice Dream products. They contain hidden gluten and made my kids nuts when I gave it to them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gluten Free Everywhere!

Okay, maybe not everywhere, but almost everyday I learn about a new company or a new product. I really, really, really have to update my list here. I can think of at least 3 stores that have opened since I first made a posting on where to shop and several that I just didn't know about or didn't list. Originally I was going to restrict this to just shops in WA state. But, I keep getting requests from friends or friends of friends about how to start and where to shop, what is good, etc. So, rather than continuing to type the same emails (and just adding state specific links I find) I think it will be easier to list some online favorites as well. I am still happy to help on the specifics, but this should make it easier. So, I need to put my hubby to work on getting some tabs on this site. There are tons of fantastic sites out there with recipes and tips, etc. So don't be afraid to Google, or Bing, or whatever your favorite search engine is! Personally I am working on my masters from the Universities of Bing and Google :-)
Alright, I will get some more info up here STAT! (I am afraid the weekend will have to be good enough).