About Us

Originally I started this blog with the intent of having a running list of local places where people can find gluten, dairy, and soy free foods that are safe for them and get ideas for meals. After having several friends request information on going gluten free and where to shop that were out of state I quickly realized my running (and growing) list of local resources was just not going to cut it. Even locally there are dozens of new places popping up every week and it is impossible to list them all- I think I learn about at least 1 "new" place every couple of weeks. My intent was to have a site that did not have any content about who I am or where I am coming from. Well, you can see when I first started here there are not that many posts. I couldn't figure out why I just wasn't blogging on here. I had tons of ideas and thoughts, but nothing translating here. Well, if you know me, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am open, caring, and kind. Being really impersonal, well, that's just so not me. So I will post as I have time my thoughts and ideas, running lists of ideas, etc. If you have questions, things you want me to post on please shoot me an email and I can do my best to answer them.
Things change, things evolve. My kids are able to have dairy now after several years of being dairy free. I'm no longer concerned with just "what will we eat?" I'm now more focused on "How will this nurture us?" and "How will we nurture our planet?" So you will find all kinds of things on here- thoughts, ideas hopefully a little something that resonates with different people. These are my opinions. Take them or leave them, it is of no consequence to me. We can agree to disagree, it's all good. Hopefully, something here inspires you.