Monday, July 26, 2010

Snacks and Meal Ideas

This is a running list I am starting that I will clean up later. I'm putting this here so I can toss all the scraps of paper where I have had brainstorms about food ideas :-)

Turkey and White Bean Chili
Potato Soup
Bean Chilis
Thai Chicken bowl- Basil soup
Fire Roasted Tomato Soup
Lentil and Vegtable Soup
Itailan Soup
Corn Chowder
Tortilla Soup
Pad Thai
Roast beef/ Au Juice sandwhiches
Pork loin
Bacon wrapped pork
Mac n' "cheese"
Pasta salad/pasta dishes
Salads, fruit salad
Snacks and lunches: Insipred from our Germany trip
Cucumber Sandwhiches
Boiled egg
Bread and spread (hummus or other)

Boitchen rolls/buns
- seeded buns- poppy, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower (can add ground up nuts,or hemp for protein)
Mini Meat patties on Boichen

Cookie flavor ideas:
Maple and Pecan
Orange and Hazelnut
Fig and Chocolate
Lemon and Poppyseed