Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Dinner Ideas

Tonight I made baked spaghetti for the boys. Only, this was no ordinary spaghetti. For the noodles I used a spaghetti squash that I baked first. I also threw in half of a spiralized cucumber. I simmered the sauce, using one of my favorite jarred sauces, and some ground beef that I had left over (this could be very easily made vegan- you could add ground mushrooms or some kind of meat sub if you wanted or just stick with the sauce itself). I mixed the sauce and noodles up, put them in a glass baking dish, and topped it with some Daiya cheese. No real measurements here, just toss it all together! Baked Spaghetti is pretty forgiving. The side dish was roasted broccoli (I got this delicious idea from Elana, over here For dessert I had some left over sweet red cherries I needed to use up. I infused the cherries with agave nectar and lemon- I let this mixture boil down for 10 minutes or so and then made little tart crusts using some almond flour, vanilla, a pinch of sea salt, melted coconut oil, and just a little agave. I made the crusts by pressing the mixture into ramekins and baked them at 375 F for about 10 min. I then filled them with the cherry mixture, topped with a little more of the topping mixture and baked them for about 10 more minutes. Delicious!
Another meal idea is to make Thai salad rolls and create the dipping sauce of your choice.