Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gluten Free Everywhere!

Okay, maybe not everywhere, but almost everyday I learn about a new company or a new product. I really, really, really have to update my list here. I can think of at least 3 stores that have opened since I first made a posting on where to shop and several that I just didn't know about or didn't list. Originally I was going to restrict this to just shops in WA state. But, I keep getting requests from friends or friends of friends about how to start and where to shop, what is good, etc. So, rather than continuing to type the same emails (and just adding state specific links I find) I think it will be easier to list some online favorites as well. I am still happy to help on the specifics, but this should make it easier. So, I need to put my hubby to work on getting some tabs on this site. There are tons of fantastic sites out there with recipes and tips, etc. So don't be afraid to Google, or Bing, or whatever your favorite search engine is! Personally I am working on my masters from the Universities of Bing and Google :-)
Alright, I will get some more info up here STAT! (I am afraid the weekend will have to be good enough).

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