Friday, April 17, 2009

Washington State Local Resources for GFCFSF Foods

Edited on 3/12/12:
There are so many new GF places and products out there now, I can't keep up! I think this is fantastic. I will keep up my old links for anyone that is new and feeling lost or looking for some ideas, but this list is not comprehensive.

I am starting this blog to direct others to local GFCFSF resources in our area. (GFCFSF stands for gluten free, casein free, soy free). There are many excellent GFCF (and SF) websites with recipes and tips. When I first started my boys on this diet I felt like I lived in the grocery stores, searching desperately and reading label after label to find acceptable foods. It does get easier. Going GF can be really expensive when you first start, especially if you are like I was. I really didn't cook much and relied on ready-made foods. It actually is much easier (and much simpler and healthier) if you cook a lot of your own foods- that way you know what is in them and they are better tasting as well as better for you (and you will not go crazy trying to figure out all the stealthy secret names for wheat, dairy, gluten, and soy).
I will add to this blog as I learn more about local resources. My other post is just a starting point!

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